Black Book 1.2

Version 1.0 by Minttu Mäkäläinen (2018)
Version 1.1 (english translation) by Marika Piilonen (2019)
Version 1.2 by Pengwin Media (2021)

Black Book

WIMMA Lab Black Book contains all the basic information about WIMMA Lab. It explains the concept, history, stakeholders, virtual companies, activities and practices used in WIMMA Lab.

Contents of the Black Book have been refined over the years ever since it's making. The last people to make modifications to the Black book were in 2021 when Annukka Rajala and Eliel Taskinen from Pengwin Media made the translation more understandable and the markdown better suited for Next.js.


  1. Introduction
  2. Stakeholders
  3. Facilities and Equipment
  4. Assignments
  5. Virtual Company
  6. Practices
  7. WIMMA Lab Selection Process
  8. WIMMA Lab Structure and Phases
  9. Practical Exercises
  10. Marketing and Communications
  11. Guests
  12. Events
  13. Conclusion
  14. References