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WIMMA Lab is a learning environment where students solve assignments in multidisciplinary project teams.

Open Doors 9.6.

WIMMA Lab in a nutshell

Challenge focused learning

WIMMA Lab is a two and a half month project where students of JAMK University of Applied Sciences participate as trainees. The students solve challenges given by partner companies, research programs or Universities. Goal of the project is to develop production ready solutions.

Power of teamwork

At WIMMA Lab, students gain experience on project-based teamwork in multidisciplinary teams. Students solve challenges while learning the dynamics of teamwork and value of collaboration.

Agile development

WIMMA Lab is all about building from an idea to execution. Virtual companies use agile development methods, such as Sprints and Kanban boards. However, the goal is not to build quick and dirty demos, but solutions that can be tested in a production environment.

Contacts to businesses

In addition to gaining skills, students' transition to working life is supported by company visitors. During the summer, experts on project-related topics consult WIMMA Lab and share their experiences. Students get great opportunities to network with company representatives.



Building open source services: Tukko - Traffic Visualizer & SKILL-db API

Our main assigment this summer comes from Combitech Oy. We are building an open source service Tukko - Traffic Visualizer that uses public traffic APIs (i.e. Digitraffic). The service shows data visualizations on a map where you can choose between vehicle types and different timescales.

We also built the SKILL-db API that uses skill framework data. The framework data is stored in a PostgreSQL database which can be fetched using REST requests for other projects to use.

ReactTypeScriptRobot FrameworkKubernetesNode.jsPostgreSQLGitLab CI/CD
IoTitude: Tukko

Create automated SOC,SIEM,SOAR with CI/CD security checks as well as host and monitor other companies

Mysticons provides consultation services to other teams when it comes to containerizing their software and DevSecOps related principles. Mysticons also provide penetration tests and documentation regarding existing issues. Mysticons aim to establish a robust, scalable hosting environment that can be expanded with minimal disruption to production. This system prioritizes security through the implementation of a ticketing system, automated vulnerability assessments, and a strict CI/CD pipeline. These measures are designed to prevent the deployment of vulnerable containers and to assist other companies during their development and maintenance phases.

Cyber SecuritySOCSIEMSOARAnalysisAutomationKubernetesGitLab CI/CDCSC
Mysticons: Topology

Skill Collector 1.0 & VIKSU 2.0

Overflow was tasked with the VIKSU application of the Adults on the move project at WIMMA Lab 2023. VIKSU is an application made between 2014-2017, which can be used to monitor companies' progress in promoting active commuting. The current situation of VIKSU is that it is not operational, the program is outdated and it is very vulnerable to cyber threats. Our task is to investigate what VIKSU has been like in the past, how it could be improved and update VIKSU to meet todays' standards. Team Overflow was also tasked at WIMMA Lab 2023 to update the Skill Collector made at FutureFactory in spring 2023. There are plans to improve the usability of the Skill Collector and make it a 'clean' version so that it can be branded according to the purpose / company. Overflow's task this year is also to learn how to make a product from a DevSecOps perspective.

Vue.jsPostgreSQLGitLab CI/CDDockerCSCExpressPowerBI/Power Automate
Skill Collector 1.0 mockup
Pengwin Media

Career Scouter 1.0, Wimmalab.org and Social Media Marketing

Pengwin Medias will do the marketing for WIMMA Lab and Open Doors event. On top of these Pengwin will make Career Scouter 1.0.

Pengwin Media: wimmalab.org


Marko Rintamäki

Marko “Narsu” Rintamäki

Product Owner
Veeti Hakala

Veeti Hakala

Student Coach
Paavo Nelimarkka

Paavo Nelimarkka

Teemu Kontio

Teemu Kontio

Matti Saarelma

Matti Saarelma



The WIMMA Lab concept is evolving year by year. It was formerly known as Challenge Factory (2014 - 2017) and Summer Factory (2011 - 2014).