Wimmalab.org and Media

One of our main projects is Career Scouter, a valuable tool designed to support students in their academic and professional journey. Career Scouter is all about helping students explore their desired specializations and make informed decisions along the way. It provides a platform for students to understand the different areas they can work in the IT industry and discover the opportunities that JAMK University of Applied Sciences offers to achieve their goals. Through Career Scouter, students can gain insights into various IT industry sectors, understand the skills required for different specializations, and explore the courses and resources available at JAMK to support their chosen paths. In addition to Career Scouter, we also play a vital role in maintaining WIMMA Lab's online presence, ensuring an engaging website and active social media channels. This allows us to connect with students, share valuable resources, and foster a supportive community within the IT industry. We also collaborate closely with virtual companies like Mysticon, IoTitude, and Overflow, creating customized materials and assets to meet their specific needs.


  • Yago F. Sanches
  • Menom Haque
  • Ankita Roy
  • Marika Matalamäki
  • Lauri Kuuva


  • React
  • Next.js
  • Docker
  • Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Developing
  • Power BI/Power Automate

Team introduction

Pengwin Media is responsible for maintaining and updating sites for Mysticon, IoTitude, Overflow and WIMMA Lab. Our team works in cooperation with other virtual companies (Mysticon, IoTitude, Overflow) and produces material and assets for their needs. Pengwin Media also has the responsibility of maintaining and updating WIMMA Lab's social media channels.

Team members

Yago Sanches

Team Leader

My name is Yago Sanches, and I am from Brazil. I am beginning my third year in ICT, beginning this autumn. I have chosen project management and development application as my specializations. Currently, I hold the position of team leader at Pengwin Media. While at WIMMA Lab, I am determined to absorb as much knowledge as possible regarding project management practices, including agile development, and get insights into effective project execution.


Menom Haque

Junior Tester

I’m Menom, a tester in the team Pengwin Media. I also work as a software designer, but I am now focusing on test automation engineering in my team. My aim in the WIMMA Lab 2023 is to gather knowledge on the different roles of people working on a project and how they collaborate to accomplish it.


Ankita Roy

Junior Developer

Hi, I am Ankita. I am determined to specialize in Full-Stack Development. I am developing the Career Scouter tool with my team members at WIMMA Lab. I am getting familiar with different tools and frameworks such as Docker, Next.js, Vue.js, Figma, and Miro. At WIMMA Lab, I aim to learn as much as possible and get my knowledge into practice.


Marika Matalamäki

Designer and Junior Developer

I am studying ICT at Jamk University of Applied Sciences. I will start my 4th year of study in the autumn. I have knowledge and skills in digital media and application development. I work at WIMMA Lab mainly in communication and marketing tasks.


Lauri Kuuva

Media Producer and Junior Developer

I am currently studying my 2nd year at Jamk for Bachelor’s degree in Information and Communications Technology and starting my 3rd year in the fall. At WIMMA Lab I am currently developing a tool called Career Scouter, which is designed to be a helpful tool for students and teachers in finding out why students change their study paths in the middle of their studies, and aims to help teachers to adjust their courses and materials according to these changes.


Stanislav Loboda

Junior Developer

My name is Stanislav, and I'm from Ukraine. I'm a frontend developer in the Pengwin Media team. I graduated from Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics. Currently, at WIMMA Lab, I'm developing the Career Scouter app, which helps students evaluate their career path choices and allows teachers to create course content based on their needs. My goal at WIMMA Lab is to enhance my current skills, acquire new knowledge, and gain work experience with the team.


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