WIMMA Lab forum

Team Overflow's task is to design a forum service for Wimma Lab learning environment based on the open-source Conduit software. The forum includes all the features one would typically expect in a modern forum service. The team is primarily comprised of students in JAMK's ICT engineering program.


  • Veeti Hakala
  • Mays Al-Azzawi
  • Arho Mahlamäki
  • Maha Sroor
  • Michael Herman
  • Onni Roivas
  • Adham Naderi


  • React
  • NodeJS
  • Kubernetes
  • GitLab CI/CD
  • Docker
  • CSC
  • MongoDB
  • Express

Team introduction

We are developing a functional forum application using the open-source Conduit software. DevSecOps will be managed using the GitLab pipeline and Docker containers. The front end will be implemented in the JavaScript language using React interface builder library. The project will be stored on the CSC-pouta cloud platform. These tools and methods are new to our team so there is plenty of learning to be done.

Team members

Veeti Hakala

Team Leader / Junior Developer

I recently completed my first year of studies. I am aiming to graduate in 2,5 years. I am specializing in full-stack developing. My strengths are time management, working with people and managing large entities. I'm interested in smart technologies and innovative technological solutions.


Mays Al-Azzawi

Software Developer

I began my studies in ICT engineering at JAMK in autumn 2021. I always had a passion for technology but as a woman in this field it is hard to raise one's voice and say one enjoys the programming and video gaming industries. That motivates me to help other girls and women to be seen in this field.


Arho Mahlamäki

Junior Developer

I study ICT at JAMK. I have been programming as a hobby for many years and finally decided to become a professional. I have a range of experience in different technologies. I'm interested in cyber security, machine learning, 3D printing and whatever else.


Maha Sroor


My background in electrical and electronic engineering. I specialize in information systems, digital identity, self-sovereign identity ecosystems, and domain-specific modeling. My main interest now is software development. My focus is the behavioral interaction among containers, DevOps, and clouds in the software ecosystem.


Michael Herman

Junior Developer

I have recently completed my first year of studies in ICT engineering here at JAMK. The studies I have completed so far are rather general. My primary professional interests are cyber security and data analysis.


Onni Roivas

Junior Developer

I just completed my first year of ICT studies at JAMK. I enjoyed the programming courses the most. I found the learning experience to be very gratifying. I do not have any IT experience prior to my studies but I have always been interested in computers and tinkering with them.


Adham Naderi

Junior Developer

I have just completed my first year of studies in Information and Communication Technology at JAMK. The experience has been a blast, but at the same time very hard and time-consuming. I am currently learning React. My aim is to be a JavaScript programmer and developer.


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