Skill Collector 1.0 and VIKSU 2.0

Overflow was tasked with the VIKSU application of the Adults on the move project at WIMMA Lab 2023. VIKSU is an application made between 2014-2017, which can be used to monitor companies' progress in promoting active commuting. The current situation of VIKSU is that it is not operational, the program is outdated and it is very vulnerable to cyber threats. Our task is to investigate what VIKSU has been like in the past, how it could be improved and update VIKSU to meet todays' standards. Team Overflow was also tasked at WIMMA Lab 2023 to update the Skill Collector made at FutureFactory in spring 2023. There are plans to improve the usability of the Skill Collector and make it a 'clean' version so that it can be branded according to the purpose / company. Overflow's task this year is also to learn how to make a product from a DevSecOps perspective.


  • Iina Pirinen
  • Valeriia Grebneva
  • Niko Karvinen
  • Thien Nguyen
  • Alena Galysheva
  • Iftakhar Husan
  • Thu Nguyen


  • Vue.js
  • GitLab CI/CD
  • Docker
  • Express
  • CSC
  • PostgreSQL

Team introduction

The Overflow 2023 team consists of students who are at different stages of their studies in Information and Communication Technology at JAMK, but everyone is eager to learn new things!

Team members

Iina Pirinen

Team Leader

I am a second-year student, starting my third year of studies in the fall. I plan to specialize in application development and data analytics and artificial intelligence, but I'm passionate about UI/UX design, which I would like to be involved in in the future. In WIMMA Lab, I plan to develop my skills as a team leader, and in project management and communication.


Valeriia Grebneva

Junior Data Engineer

I have a background in Industrial Management and Logistics, and I am currently an ICT student at JAMK. Within WIMMA Lab, my primary focus is on data analysis, data visualization, and automation using Power Automate. I also have experience in front-end and full-stack development, allowing me to create user-friendly interfaces. My goal is to enhance my skills and knowledge in these areas while contributing to WIMMA Lab's mission.


Niko Karvinen

Junior Backend Developer

I am a second-year Information Technology student with an interest in DevSecOps and full-stack programming. I am eager to apply the theoretical knowledge I've acquired during my studies to practical challenges within a real-world environment.


Thien Nguyen

Junior Full Stack Developer

I study ICT at JAMK. I am learning to become a coder. I have experience in data analysis. I am interested in data science.


Alena Galysheva

Junior Test Engineer

Hi! I'm Alena, a second-year ICT student at JAMK. I'm interested in emerging technologies and all things testing. My goal is to become a test automation engineer, and I will be working on various testing tasks during this summer. In my free time I do LeetCode, build my Nighthaunt army and play tabletop games with my friends.


Iftakhar Husan

Junior Full Stack Developer

Since my childhood, I was very enthusiastic about computer games. From there my passion and love for computers grew. It felt like I got super power when I first started programming in 2018. Before starting my studies at JAMK in autumn 2022 in ICT I was learning using online materials from YouTube and online articles to quench my thirst for technologies. Love to work in teams to achieve common goal. I am interested in anything related to computers, software development, systems design and security. Currently wearing the hat of full stack developer.


Thu 'Lucy' Nguyen

Junior UI/UX Designer

I just completed my second year of studies in ICT at JAMK. I had no experience in this field before I started studying but faced with new challenges, it is an opportunity that helps me grow. I'm on my way to becoming a front-end developer and especially a UI/UX designer in the future.


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