Green Book 2.0

Version 1.0 by Marika Piilonen (2019)
Version 1.1 by Sami Lindgren & Pekka Kuuva (2019)
Version 2.0 by Sini Karvonen, Timo Lehosvuo, Heikki Pekkarinen, Matti Saarelma & Samuli Ylönen (2021)

Green Book

Green Book has been in the works for multiple years, and contents has been added and removed every year, depending on the assignments that were given to Mysticons that year.

This guide should show you the basics of virtual companies, how to set up pipelines in GitLab, how Robot Framework works, and so much more! Hopefully this is helpful for everyone interested, whether they are participating in WIMMA Lab or not.


  1. Virtual Companies
  2. CSC + cPouta
  3. Kubernetes
  4. GitLab Integration + runners
  5. GitLab CI/CD pipelines
  6. Robot Framework
  7. DevSecOps