Foundation for WIMMA Lab SOC

As a team they will be in charge of monitoring the security of other WIMMA Lab projects. Through their SOC (Security operations center) they will monitor log events and other security related issues for the entirety of the WIMMA Lab. Mysticons is operating and developing through the Kubernetes platform, that works in conjuction with their SIEM.


  • Toni Peltola
  • Olli Pösö
  • Tero Räsänen
  • Kristian Kantola
  • Eero Järvinen
  • Mamia Agbese
  • Arbaaz Jariwala


  • Cyber Security
  • SOC
  • SIEM
  • SOAR
  • Analysis
  • Automation
  • Kubernetes
  • GitLab CI/CD
  • CSC

Team introduction

Welcome to the world of Mysticons! We are a group built upon different skill sets, all with interest towards cyber security. Our aim is to create the best possible foundation for WIMMA Lab SOC.

Our skills include: leadership, project management, cloud deployment, containers, problem solving, team-working, communication and various other general programming skills.

Team members

Toni Peltola

Team Leader / Junior DevSecOps Architect

ICT engineering student with a huge interest towards cyber security. My aim at WIMMA Lab is to sharpen my knowledge about the topic, and to truly understand your SOC's and SIEM's. With Mysticons this can be possible! My personal interests include practicing Karate, various sources of science fiction, a massive library of books and playing Final Fantasy XIV.


Olli Pösö

Junior DevSecOps Developer

Third-year ICT student at JAMK with specialization in programming. Experience from C#, HTML, PHP, SQL, JavaScript and OutSystems. Living in Jyväskylä. My hobbies include playing video games and enjoying nature. Eager to learn new things about ICT and life!


Tero Räsänen

Junior DevSecOps Developer

Second-year ICT engineering student at JAMK, from Espoo and living in Jyväskylä. I am interested in data analytics and programming, mostly Python. I get excited about new technologies and I like to learn new things. In my free time I like to play video games, cycle and spend time with friends.


Kristian Kantola

Junior DevSecOps Architect

ICT engineering student at JAMK University of Applied Sciences since 2020. Personal enthusiasm and school and hobby-related experience from Full Stack Programming, DevOps, GitLab CI/CD, Docker and Project Management (Agile, ScrumBan) & Leadership. Project Manager of Future Factory Spring/2022 Team 6 ALL STARS.


Eero Järvinen

Junior Security Operations Center Architect

Cyber-security orientation student at JAMK University of Applied Sciences. I have experience with Kali Linux, virtual machines, auditing, log-collection and firewall management. My goals for the summer of WIMMA Lab would be to understand more of the container related security and automated deployment of cluster-solutions. Personal interests and hobbies include looking into new cybersecurity solutions, cycling and path of exile.


Mamia Agbese

Junior DevSecOps Developer

Doctoral researcher at the University of Jyväskylä. I have experience as a researcher, advisory services, retail services, marketing and sales. My goal for the summer in WIMMA Lab is to improve my IT skills and render my expertise where needed. Personal interests and hobbies include watching movies, hiking and exploring eateries.


Arbaaz Jariwala

Junior DevSecOps Developer

Research Assitant at the University of Jyväskylä. First-year Masters's student in Information Systems. I have experience in data analysis and project management. With WIMMA Lab I would love to enhance my project management skills and give my help as and when needed. My hobbies are soccer and muay-Thai.


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